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world of wheels online

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Hot Wheels Monster Jam World Finals Action Set

Hot Wheels Monster Jam World Finals Action Set

Mattel Hot Wheels Monster Jam World Finals Action Set
Recreate all the engine-revving, over-the-top, earth-shaking excitement of a real Monster Jam event with Hot Wheels Monster Jam World Finals Action Set. Launch your Monster Jam truck through the flames, crush motor homes, perform spin-outs and bring down the giant video screen with this incredible action-packed playset. The fold-out stadium packs up after the big event for the ultimate in storage and portability. It comes with 1 exclusive Monster Jam 1:64-scale truck.
Product Dimensions: 16 (L) x 3 (W) x 12 (H)
Age: 4 to 10 years

75% (8)

Southern Oregon World of Wine Winners 2011

Southern Oregon World of Wine Winners 2011

2011 WOW winners

All of the wines awarded medals by the judges at the 9th Annual Southern Oregon World of Wine Festival will be poured at Saturday’s Grand Tasting in Jacksonville. Some of the winners will also be paired with five courses prepared by chefs competing before your eyes to earn the title of World of Wine Food Pairing Grand Champion at Friday’s gala.
This year’s competition included the largest number of wineries – 63. Judges spent two days swirling, sipping and casting their votes on more than 150 wines.
The judges were:
Peter Koff, Master of Wine, owner of Fairest Cape Wine Distributors, an importer and wholesaler of premium wines based in the United States
Alan Kropf, Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and Publisher and Editor of Mutineer Magazine
Tim Marson, Master of Wine, VP of Procurement for online retailer My Wines Direct Inc. in Napa
Sara Schneider, Wine Editor for Sunset Magazine and co-author of "California Wine Country: A Sunset Field Guide."
RoxyAnn Winery 2008 Tempranillo (84% Tempranillo, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Syrah from the Rogue Valley ); 22 months in 30% New French and American Oak Barrels; 14.4% alcohol. 289 Cases Produced. Flavors of blackberry, blueberry, mocha, earth and subtle background notes of pepper and cedar.
Plaisance Ranch 2010 Ginet Rose (100% Mourvedre from the Rogue Valley); 10% alcohol. Tasting notes: Scent of guava and green apples; flavor of red fruits and citrus with a hint of cotton candy.
•Agate Ridge Vineyard 2009 Forti?ed Syrah (Dessert Wine)
•EdenVale Winery 2008 Rosso Rubino (Dessert Wine)
•Pyrenees Vineyard and Cellars 2008 Reserve Syrah
•Quady North 2009 Cabernet Franc
•Schultz Wines 2010 Chardonnay
•Spangler Vineyards 2006 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
•Spangler Vineyards 2009 Petite Sirah The Terraces
•Tesoaria Vineyard and Winery 2009 Attila (Barbera)
•Agate Ridge Vineyard 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
•Agate Ridge Vineyard 2010 Viognier
•Agate Ridge Vineyard 2008 Primitivo
•Aurora Wines 2006 Merlot
•Aurora Wines 2004 Merlot
•Brandborg Vineyard 2008 Pinot Noir - Ferris Wheel Vineyard
•Brandborg Vineyard 2010 Fleur de Lis (White Pinot Noir)
•Brandborg Vineyard 2009 Gewurztraminer
•Cliff Creek Cellars 2005 Syrah
•Cranbrook Farm 2007 Syrah
•Crater Lake Cellars 2009 Syrah: Packard Label
•Cricket Hill Winery 2007 Le Mystique (Bordeaux Blend)
•Cuckoo's Nest Cellars 2010 Pinot Gris
•Daniel Joseph Cellars 2008 Domaine Paradox (Pinot Noir)
•Daniel Joseph Cellars 2008 Ellie (Viognier)
•Del RIo Vineyards 2009 Claret
•Del RIo Vineyards 2009 Viognier
•Devitt Winery 2005 Merlot
•Fly High Vineyard 2009 Windsock White (Viognier)
•Fiasco Winery / Jacksonville Vineyards 2005 Claret
•Fiasco Winery / Jacksonville Vineyards 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
•Folin Cellars 2009 Passive Aggressive - Tempranillo
•Foris Vineyards Winery 2010 Pinot Gris
•Hellgate Cellars 2009 Pinot Noir
•Irvine Vineyards 2009 Pinot Noir
•J. Scott Cellars 2009 Grenache
•J. Scott Cellars 2009 Petite Sirah
•LaBrasseur Vineyard 2010 Marli Joy (White Blend)
•Ledger David Cellars 2010 Sangiovese Rose
•L. Donovan Wines 2009 Grenache
•Melrose Vineyards 2007 Red Blend
•Paschal Winery 2009 Pinot Noir
•Pebblestone Cellars 2010 Pinot Gris
•Pebblestone Cellars 2010 Rose of Syrah
•Philanthropie Wine 2010 Two by Two Sauvignon Blanc
•Pyrenees Vineyard and Cellars 2009 Riesling
•Quady North 2010 Rose
•Quady North 2008 4-2a Syrah
•Quady North 2010 Pistoleta (White Blend)
•Red Lily Vineyards 2007 Red Blanket Tempranillo
•RoxyAnn Winery 2008 Claret
•RoxyAnn Winery 2008 Syrah
•Sarah Powell Wines 2007 Pinot Noir
•Schmidt Family Vineyards 2008 Zinphony (Red Blend)
•Serra Vineyards 2010 Chardonnay
•Serra Vineyards 2007 Syrah
•Sienna Ridge 2004 IceVine (Late Harvest Riesling)
•Sienna Ridge 2008 Pinot Gris
•Sienna Ridge 2008 Riesling
•Silvan Ridge Winery 2009 Viognier
•Soloro Vineyard 2007 Syrah
•South Stage Cellars 2008 Bliss (Dessert Wine)
•South Stage Cellars 2009 Grenache
•South Stage Cellars 2008 Syrah
•South Stage Cellars 2009 Serendipity (White Blend)
•Tesoaria Vineyard and Winery 2009 Tempranillo
•Trium 2010 Viognier
•Valley View Winery 2008 Claret
•Velocity Cellars 2008 William Augustus (Cabernet Franc)
•Velocity Cellars 2008 Malbec
•Windridge Vineyards 2006 Pinot Noir - Bendock Estate
•Wooldridge Creek Winery 2005 Late Bottled Reserve Dessert Wine
•Wooldridge Creek Winery 2008 Tempranillo
Events can be purchased individually or a $245 Golden Ticket gets you everywhere.
• Wednesday, Aug. 24 Cocktail Reception ($25), 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.: Taste two glasses of previous WOW Medal Winners paired with growers market-inspired appetizers
• Thursday, Aug. 25 Flavor Profiles Sensory Clinic ($30), 10 a.m. to noon: Practice your ability to detect flavors with the help of Southern Oregon Wine Institute’s Dwayne Bershaw
• Friday, Aug. 26 Smells Sensory Clinic ($30), 10 a.m. to noon: Bershaw will teach you how to sniff ou

New wheels!

New wheels!

I found this bike online, located north of the Sydney Harbor in Manly. I took the train/bus to get there and planned to ride it back. The innernet at the hostel was very spotty that day so it took about 2 hours just to figure out which train stop and which bus etc.

By the time I got there it was dark but I was determined to free myself from needing the train. The girl selling the bike was quite a traveler with stories from around the world. She had a french accent (from Quebec) mixed with an aussie accent (from Melbourne), yeah try wrapping your head around that! I decided to buy it and make my way back across the harbor bridge at night...somehow.

After pedaling around the bridge for a couple hours in the dark all I could find was the on ramp for cars, no bikes allowed. The sky started to get gloomy and it was beginning to rain. I gave in and decided to take the train home.

Along with the bike I got a helmet, a combination lock and a key lock. Having my previous bike stolen I wasn't taking any chances. 1st I scoped out a nice neighborhood with plenty of foot traffic, Ferraris and Aston Martins. I used both locks on both wheels/frame/helmet and even took the seat with me.

The next morning I took the train back to where I had left the bike not knowing what to expect. I get to the top of the stairs where I left it and it's still there. Success! Almost. The key lock had been stolen along with the helmet. The combination lock is tweaked from someone trying to pull the bike off. Oh well. All the important things are still here. Finding the bike entrance to the harbor bridge is infinitely easier during the day. Finally got the bike back I'm ready to roll!

I've gone from an M3 and a Triumph D675 to this. Not a bad start!

world of wheels online

world of wheels online

Hot Wheels Turbo Driver Controller

Interactive Hot Wheels fun! Race your friends. Shift your Hot Wheels experience into high gear. Become the ultimate extreme racer!
The HotWheels.com Turbo Driver is an online game controller that gives boys access to Race The World, an exclusive racing game. It also works with more than 20 cool games hosted on HotWheels.com! The player works with 8 different Car-Tridge vehicles, one of which comes with the controller, with the other 7 sold separately. When loaded into the controller, the Car-Tridge shows up on screen and enables a boy to race with all the attributes of that exact car. Each car works best in one of 8 environments in the game, so choose the best one and conquer each level to become the ultimate extreme racer! Not compatible with Mac computers.

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